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Fishing line strung across Walmart toy aisle sends 1-year-old girl to ER

A 1-year-old girl suffered a neck injury at an Oklahoma Walmart after running into a fishing line that was strung across the toy aisle, presumably as part of a prank.

Teen determined to have ‘purrfect’ yearbook photo

Update: Schenectady High School principal Diane Wilkinson and her chihuahua Vivienne joined student Draven Rodriguez for a new group photo that has made this story go viral all over again.

Robert Jahns

Instagram artist creates surreal photos using only his iPhone

Robert Jahns' Instagram account shows how technology and art can be combined to create breathtaking visuals.

Police chief: Student shot in leg; Gunman turns himself in

Officials said a student at a North Carolina high school was shot in the leg Tuesday morning and the suspect is in custody.

Husain Abdullah

NFL player penalized for Muslim prayer TD celebration

UPDATE: The Associated Press reports, NFL says Chiefs safety should not have been penalized for dropping to his knees in prayer.