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Song:  Get Higher
Total Rank:  Avg: 7.8 (488 Votes)
Song:  Dr. Dr. (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 7.47 (492 Votes)
Song:  Summer Love (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 7.33 (479 Votes)
Song:  Come Back To Me (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 7.23 (462 Votes)
Song:  Fallen Angel (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 7.2 (463 Votes)
Song:  The Night Is Young (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 6.88 (536 Votes)
Song:  Just Do It (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 6.84 (542 Votes)
Song:  Walls R Falling Down (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 6.82 (533 Votes)
Song:  Trinity
Total Rank:  Avg: 6.48 (374 Votes)
Song:  Notorious
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.39 (792 Votes)
Song:  Triumph
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.35 (744 Votes)
Song:  Crowd Surfing
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.34 (748 Votes)
Song:  Everybody
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.34 (744 Votes)
Song:  Horse on Fire
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.34 (743 Votes)
Song:  One More Mile
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.33 (735 Votes)
Song:  What If
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.25 (1630 Votes)
Song:  Amen
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.13 (3765 Votes)
Song:  Ride To California
Total Rank:  Avg: 2.03 (2679 Votes)

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Blaine Gabbert, party of one. >> Read more trending stories The former Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback and current San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback was ready to answer reporters' questions when he showed up to his press conference Wednesday.

2:43 p.m.  


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