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Song:  Get Higher
Total Rank:  Avg: 7.8 (488 Votes)
Song:  Dr. Dr. (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 7.47 (492 Votes)
Song:  Summer Love (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 7.33 (479 Votes)
Song:  Come Back To Me (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 7.23 (462 Votes)
Song:  Fallen Angel (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 7.2 (463 Votes)
Song:  The Night Is Young (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 6.88 (536 Votes)
Song:  Just Do It (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 6.84 (542 Votes)
Song:  Walls R Falling Down (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 6.82 (533 Votes)
Song:  Trinity
Total Rank:  Avg: 6.48 (374 Votes)
Song:  Notorious
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.39 (792 Votes)
Song:  Triumph
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.35 (744 Votes)
Song:  Crowd Surfing
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.34 (748 Votes)
Song:  Everybody
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.34 (744 Votes)
Song:  Horse on Fire
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.34 (743 Votes)
Song:  One More Mile
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.33 (735 Votes)
Song:  What If
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.25 (1630 Votes)
Song:  Amen
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.13 (3765 Votes)
Song:  Ride To California
Total Rank:  Avg: 2.03 (2679 Votes)

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What People Are Talking About

Mike Pence

CEOs, NCAA react to Indiana’s new law allowing businesses to refuse service to gays

The CEO of, Marc Benioff, canceled all company events in Indiana after Gov. Mike Pence signed a law “that could protect business owners who refuse to serve LGBT couples.

48 mins ago  

Veteran has recruited 17 men to fight in Veterans Against ISIS: Offensive Wing group

Army vet recruits 17 fighters for 'Veterans Against ISIS: Offensive Wing'

A Florida veteran has put together a combat team to fight terrorists in the Middle East. Now, the group says it is getting ready to deploy in a few months.

Piano off Stunt Road in LA

News chopper spots piano on mountaintop #onlyinLA

Los Angeles may be notorious for its televised highway car chases, but there’s also a romantic side to the town’s crazy reputation.

Texas bridge collapse: 1 dead, others injured, DPS says

Update: One person is dead and others are injured after part of an overpass at FM 2484 fell on Interstate 35, according to the Texas Department of Transportation.

Colton Shaw

Ga. high school player dies after being hit in head by baseball

A 14-year-old baseball player has died after being hit in the head by a ball during a game Wednesday.