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Song:  Get Higher
Total Rank:  Avg: 7.8 (488 Votes)
Song:  Dr. Dr. (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 7.47 (492 Votes)
Song:  Summer Love (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 7.33 (479 Votes)
Song:  Come Back To Me (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 7.23 (462 Votes)
Song:  Fallen Angel (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 7.2 (463 Votes)
Song:  The Night Is Young (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 6.88 (536 Votes)
Song:  Just Do It (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 6.84 (542 Votes)
Song:  Walls R Falling Down (New Song)
Total Rank:  Avg: 6.82 (533 Votes)
Song:  Trinity
Total Rank:  Avg: 6.48 (374 Votes)
Song:  Notorious
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.39 (792 Votes)
Song:  Triumph
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.35 (744 Votes)
Song:  Crowd Surfing
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.34 (748 Votes)
Song:  Everybody
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.34 (744 Votes)
Song:  Horse on Fire
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.34 (743 Votes)
Song:  One More Mile
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.33 (735 Votes)
Song:  What If
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.25 (1630 Votes)
Song:  Amen
Total Rank:  Avg: 4.13 (3765 Votes)
Song:  Ride To California
Total Rank:  Avg: 2.03 (2679 Votes)

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