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Welcome to XBOX LIVE Giveaways!

With UFC on XBOX Live, you can see all your favorite fighters in their most epic moments right from your living room!  You’ll be given unprecedented access to all the fights with live event videos and a huge selection of videos on demand, all through Easy Pay-Per View. The best part, it’s all streaming your way in HD.

If you wanna get the best view you can, XBOX Live is giving it to you your way.

With the exclusive Interactive Fight Card, you can view past fights and size up all the fighters.  Become an expert on your favorites with fighter facts, personal perspectives, and even social media interaction.

To celebrate this epic event, Xbox is offering 30% off UFC 154 Pay-Per-View for a limited time.  Go now to the UFC app to order UFC 154 and become a competitive fan with UFC on XBOX Live!

Register now, we’ll award one winner a 12 month gold membership to XBOX Live and 3200 Microsoft points to be used on XBOX Live!

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Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:00 AM - Mon, Nov 19 2012 9:00 AM
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XBOX LIVE Giveaways

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