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Welcome to Tampa Bay Autoshow Giveaways!
The 2013 Model Tampa Bay International Autoshow is coming December 7th through the 9th at the Tampa Bay Convention Center in downtown Tampa.

Register above to win a four pack of “Good any day” passes!
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Tampa Bay Autoshow Giveaways

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As Sweden hunts for sub, 'Cold War' comparisons flourish

With the Swedish navy on the hunt for a suspected Russian submarine, in October... you'd be forgiven for drawing up certain comparisons.

Study links soda to accelerated DNA aging

We already know drinking soda can lead to obesity, but new research suggests drinking a can of the carbonated beverage everyday can be as bad as smoking.

Tesla's sales model could get it banned in Michigan

Electric car manufacturer Tesla is asking consumers to fight a bill passed by the Michigan legislature earlier this month.

Would a travel ban even work in stopping Ebola spread?

In the wake of the two nurses diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas, and the subsequent fear and fallout, one measure that's been floated consistently is that of a travel ban on the worst-affected West African countries.

Facebook says the DEA's fake accounts go too far

Facebook is taking the Drug Enforcement Agency to task after it impersonated an upstate New York woman on Facebook.