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Welcome to Tampa Bay Autoshow Giveaways!
The 2013 Model Tampa Bay International Autoshow is coming December 7th through the 9th at the Tampa Bay Convention Center in downtown Tampa.

Register above to win a four pack of “Good any day” passes!
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Teen's phone ignites under her pillow; how real is the risk?

Plenty of people tend to fall asleep with their phones in their beds at night, but one 13-year-old's tale is cautionary, to say the least.

Kayakers breach JFK Airport in latest NYC security lapse

Two kayakers say they nearly died, but now they've been cited for trespassing. (Via Getty Images) The pair of 21-year-old kayakers are telling New York City media their vessel flipped in Jamaica Bay early Saturday morning.

Russia saves gecko sex satellite, media has some fun with it

After a tense few days, Russia has regained control of a satellite full of biological experiments including one to test how geckos mate in space.

Sarah Palin Launches Her Own Online Channel

Five years out of office, Sarah Palin has proven she can still grab headlines for her often-polarizing views.

Driver seriously injures woman during Zombie Walk

Car plows through Zombie Walk, three hurt

The "Zombie Walk" was held near Comic-Con in San Diego. A throng of people dressed as the undead were crossing a street when a man in his car became impatient after waiting to get through the area.