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Welcome to Lightning Minute!

The Tampa Bay Lightning’s Brittany Zion checked in with Danielle this week to tell us what’s going on with the Lightning.  Check out the audio from Danielle and Brittany and register below to score a pair of tickets to this Thursday’s Lightning Game!

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Lightning Minute

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A crippling drought in the western United States has lifted the Earth's crust by nearly a sixth of an inch in that region and just over half an inch in California's mountains.

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Police say a jilted lover tried to blow his ex-girlfriend up with a homemade bomb, albeit a very crude device.

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Pathologist: Brown may have had his hands raised

Teacher suspended for Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown reenactment lesson

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A California couple brought lifelike dolls into the ER for supposed treatment in an attempt to sneak into the maternity ward— that's according to hospital security.