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Summer 2013 has the most concerts Tampa Bay has seen in years!  97X, 7UP TEN and Handy Food Stores want you to win a pair of tickets to TEN of this year’s Summer’s Hottest shows!  Register now to win a pair of tickets to TEN of this summer’s hottest concerts courtesy of 97X, 7UP TEN and Handy Food Stores.

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NFL might lose tax exempt status over Redskins name

While many headlines regarding the NFL currently look something like this, criticizing the league and its players over domestic abuse cases, the NFL might soon have a whole new issue on its hands.

First date ends when man run over by own truck

A first date ended with a man dead after the woman he’d been on a date with ran him over with his own truck.

Study links male-pattern baldness to prostate cancer

Research published Monday in the Journal of Clinical Oncology might have men checking their hairlines.

Joseph Oberhansley

Man arrested for killing ex-girlfriend, eating her brain

Tammy Jo Blanton bailed her former boyfriend, Joseph Oberhansley, out of jail. His repayment was killing her, and eating part of her brain.

Surveillance video shows armed gunman entering school

WSB-TV obtained video from inside an Atlanta area elementary school where a man opened fire in 2013.