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What People Are Talking About

Why did Nike fire most of its Nike FuelBand team?

Nike has fired "as many as 55 people" from its Digital Sport team, according to a new report by CNET.

SeaWorld attendance takes a dip

SeaWorld is sinking. The marine mammal theme park has seen a drastic decrease in visitors. "The killer whale show has long been SeaWorld's most popular attraction, but so far this year, park attendance has been decreasing, down 13 percent.

Pizza chain hopes to add a ‘pizza cake’ to its menu

Pizza lovers, get ready: pizza cakes may become a new food trend. According to this Daily Mail report, a Canadian pizza chain named Boston Pizza is polling its customers about what new items they want to see on the restaurant’s summer menu.

Oreos as addictive as cocaine, morphine

Fruit punch is the newest wacky Oreo flavor

Fans of Oreos, the iconic sandwich cookie, can enjoy a new limited-time flavor: fruit punch. But the new flavor won’t be available at all retail outlets, according to this Huffington Post report.

Nine-month-old baby can't open his mouth

A 9-month-old baby from Ottawa has doctors puzzled — because he isn't able to fully open his mouth.