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Text message to 911 may have saved woman’s life

An innovative “Text to 911” program in one Indiana community may have saved a woman’s life.

55 mins ago  

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GEICO has unique take on YouTube ads

YouTube ads can be annoying at times. But the insurance company GEICO has come up with a way to keep you glued to the screen for the whole ad and not just click to skip it after the mandatory five seconds.

Crows leave gifts for girl who feeds them

An 8-year-old girl from Seattle has a collection of trinkets from an unusual source: crows. Gabi Mann began feeding the crows daily two years ago.

10 things to know about daylight saving time

While most of us know two things about daylight saving time — spring forward one hour and change smoke detector batteries — there’s much more to know about the annual change, which begins 2 a.

Toddlers drinking coffee? Why you shouldn't share your joe

One-year-olds drinking coffee? Well, as it turns out, it happens. A group of researchers found that while some parents are having their morning cup of joe, they are sharing the drink with their toddlers.