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Conservationists face uphill PR battle with new shark rules

Of all the animals in need of protection, sharks, the ocean's most iconic apex predator, probably seems pretty far down on the list.

Frustration as drone industry outpaces regulation

When it comes to commercial drones, the U.S. appears to be stuck in hover. It's easier than ever to spot the unmanned aircraft in the skies — but they’re all recreational vehicles.

Shocker: Journalists are utterly addicted to coffee

When you think of which professionals drink more coffee than anyone else, what comes to mind? Would it be police officers?

6 Californias initiative fails to make 2016 ballot

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper's hopes of splitting California into six states took a blow this week after the state ruled his team did not collect enough valid signatures to make it onto the 2016 ballot.

Facebook under fire for making drag, burlesque performers use real names

Facebook recently started enforcing an existing policy that requires people to operate under their legal names.