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Churches offer electronics, gift cards to increase Easter attendance

Some churches are not only offering to save souls, but giving people the chance to win popular and pricey electronic items in an attempt to increase their congregation size on Easter Sunday.

Restaurant says ad with Jesus smoking a joint paid off

After depicting Jesus smoking a joint in a controversial Easter ad, a local restaurant says the risk has paid off.

4/20 in a legal pot state: How Colorado's celebrating

Happy 4/20 — also known as a day of weed appreciation for some. So you remember last April 20 when recreational sales of Mary Jane were actually illegal in every single state?

General Mills ditches controversial right to sue policy

If you've recently downloaded an online coupon for a box of Lucky Charms you might have opened yourself up to an unlucky legal situation.

Are captains required to go down with their ships?

"The captain goes down with the ship" is a line that any seafaring person, or movie buff, would be familiar with.